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absorb | ab

intelligently integrate pending changes into current stack

Attempt to amend each pending change to the proper commit in your stack. Absorb does not write to the working copy.

If absorb cannot find an unambiguous commit to amend for a change, that change will be left in the working copy, untouched. The unabsorbed changes can be observed by sl status or sl diff afterwards.

Commits outside the revset ::. and not public() and not merge() will not be changed.

Commits that become empty after applying the changes will be deleted.

By default, absorb will show what it plans to do and prompt for confirmation. If you are confident that the changes will be absorbed to the correct place, run sl absorb -a to apply the changes immediately.

Returns 0 if anything was absorbed, 1 if nothing was absorbed.


-a--apply-changesapply changes without prompting for confirmation
-d--daterecord the specified date as commit date
-n--dry-rundo not perform actions, just print output
-T--templatedisplay with template
-I--includeinclude files matching the given patterns
-X--excludeexclude files matching the given patterns