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diff | d

show differences between commits

Show the differences between two commits. If only one commit is specified, show the differences between the specified commit and your working copy. If no commits are specified, show your pending changes.

Specify -c to see the changes in the specified commit relative to its parent.

By default, this command skips binary files. To override this behavior, specify -a to include binary files in the diff.

By default, diffs are shown using the unified diff format. Specify -g to generate diffs in the git extended diff format. For more information, see sl help diffs.

sl diff might generate unexpected results during merges because it defaults to comparing against your working copy's first parent commit if no commits are specified.


  • compare a file in the current working directory to its parent:
sl diff foo.c
  • compare two historical versions of a directory, with rename info:
sl diff --git -r 5be761874:431ec8e07 lib/
  • get change stats relative to the last change on some date:
sl diff --stat -r "date('may 2')"
  • diff all newly-added files that contain a keyword:
sl diff "set:added() and grep(GNU)"
  • compare a revision and its parents:
sl diff -c 340f3fef5              # compare against first parent
sl diff -r 340f3fef5^:340f3fef5 # same using revset syntax
sl diff -r 340f3fef5^2:340f3fef5 # compare against the second parent

Returns 0 on success.


-c--changechange made by revision
-a--texttreat all files as text
-g--gituse git extended diff format
--binarygenerate binary diffs in git mode (default)
--nodatesomit dates from diff headers
--noprefixomit a/ and b/ prefixes from filenames
-p--show-functionshow which function each change is in
--reverseproduce a diff that undoes the changes
-w--ignore-all-spaceignore white space when comparing lines
-b--ignore-space-changeignore changes in the amount of white space
-B--ignore-blank-linesignore changes whose lines are all blank
-Z--ignore-space-at-eolignore changes in whitespace at EOL
-U--unifiednumber of lines of context to show
--statoutput diffstat-style summary of changes
--rootproduce diffs relative to subdirectory
--only-files-in-revsonly show changes for files modified in the requested revisions
-I--includeinclude files matching the given patterns
-X--excludeexclude files matching the given patterns
-s--sparseonly show changes in files in the sparse config