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journal | jo

show the history of the checked out commit or a bookmark

Show the history of all the commits that were once the current commit. In other words, shows a list of your previously checked out commits. sl journal can be used to find older versions of commits (for example, when you want to revert to a previous state). It can also be used to discover commits that were previously hidden.

By default, sl journal displays the history of the current commit. To display a list of commits pointed to by a bookmark, specify a bookmark name.

Specify --all to show the history of both the current commit and all bookmarks. In the output for --all, bookmarks are listed by name, and . indicates the current commit.

Specify -Tjson to produce machine-readable output.

By default, sl journal only shows the commit hash and the corresponding command. Specify --verbose to also include the previous commit hash, user, and timestamp.

Use -c/--commits to output log information about each commit hash. To customize the log output, you can also specify switches like --patch, git, --stat, and --template.

If a bookmark name starts with re:, the remainder of the name is treated as a regular expression. To match a name that actually starts with re:, use the prefix literal:.


--allshow history for all names
-c--commitsshow commit metadata
-p--patchshow patch
-g--gituse git extended diff format
-l--limitlimit number of changes displayed
--statoutput diffstat-style summary of changes
-T--templatedisplay with template