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pull commits from the specified source

Pull commits from a remote repository to a local one. This command modifies the commit graph, but doesn't mutate local commits or the working copy.

Use -B/--bookmark to specify a remote bookmark to pull. For Git repos, remote bookmarks correspond to branches. If no bookmark is specified, a default set of relevant remote names are pulled.

If SOURCE is omitted, the default path is used. Use sl path --add to add a named source.

See sl help urls and sl help path for more information.


  • pull relevant remote bookmarks from default source:
sl pull
  • pull a bookmark named my-branch from source my-fork:

sl pull my-fork --bookmark my-branch

You can use . for BOOKMARK to specify the active bookmark.

Returns 0 on success, 1 on failure, including if --update was specified but the update had unresolved conflicts.


-u--updateupdate to new branch head if new descendants were pulled
-f--forcerun even when remote repository is unrelated
-r--reva remote commit to pull
-B--bookmarka bookmark to pull
--rebaserebase current commit or current stack onto master
-t--toolspecify merge tool for rebase
-d--destdestination for rebase or update