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undo the last local command

Reverse the effects of the last local command. A local command is one that changed the currently checked out commit, that modified the contents of local commits, or that changed local bookmarks. Examples of local commands include sl goto, sl commit, sl amend, and sl rebase.

You cannot use sl undo to undo uncommited changes in the working copy, or changes to remote bookmarks.

You can run sl undo multiple times to undo a series of local commands. Alternatively, you can explicitly specify the number of local commands to undo using --step. This number can also be specified as a positional argument.

To undo the effects of sl undo, run sl redo. Run sl help redo for more information.

Include --keep to preserve the state of the working copy. For example, specify --keep when running sl undo to reverse the effects of an sl commit or sl amend operation while still preserving changes in the working copy. These changes will appear as pending changes.

Specify --preview to see a graphical display that shows what your smartlog will look like after you run the command. Specify --interactive for an interactive version of this preview in which you can step backwards and forwards in the undo history.

sl undo cannot be used with non-local commands, or with commands that are read-only. sl undo will skip over these commands in the undo history.

For hybrid commands that result in both local and remote changes, sl undo will undo the local changes, but not the remote changes. For example, sl pull --rebase might move remote/master and also rebase local commits. In this situation, sl undo will revert the rebase, but not the change to remote/master.

Branch limits the scope of an undo to a group of local (draft) changectxs, identified by any one member of this group.


-a--absolutefalseabsolute based on command index instead of relative undo
-i--interactivefalseuse interactive ui for undo
-k--keepfalsekeep working copy changes
-n--step1how many steps to undo back
-p--previewfalsesee smartlog-like preview of future undo state