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launch Sapling Web GUI on localhost

Sapling Web is a collection of web-based tools including Interactive Smartlog, which is a GUI that facilitates source control operations such as creating, reordering, or rebasing commits. Running this command launches a web server that makes Sapling Web and Interactive Smartlog available in a local web browser. When possible, this command opens a separate OS window, either using a webview or a Chrome-like browser with --app.


Launch Sapling Web locally on port 8081:

$ sl web --port 8081
Listening on http://localhost:8081/?token=bbe168b7b4af1614dd5b9ddc48e7d30e&cwd=%2Fhome%2Falice%2Fsapling
Server logs will be written to /dev/shm/tmp/isl-server-logrkrmxp/isl-server.log

Using the --json option to get the current status of Sapling Web:

$ sl web --port 8081 --json | jq
"url": "http://localhost:8081/?token=bbe168b7b4af1614dd5b9ddc48e7d30e&cwd=%2Fhome%2Falice%2Fsapling",
"port": 8081,
"token": "bbe168b7b4af1614dd5b9ddc48e7d30e",
"pid": 1521158,
"wasServerReused": true,
"logFileLocation": "/dev/shm/tmp/isl-server-logrkrmxp/isl-server.log",
"cwd": "/home/alice/sapling"

Using the --kill option to shut down the server:

$ sl web --port 8081 --kill
killed ISL server process 1521158


-p--port3011port for Sapling Web
--jsonfalseoutput machine-readable JSON
--opentrueopen Sapling Web in a local browser
-f--foregroundfalsekeep the server process in the foreground
--killfalsekill any running server process, but do not start a new server
--forcefalsekill any running server process, then start a new server
--apptrueUse a native OS window or Chrome-like browser to open ISL in a standalone window. Use --no-app to use a normal browser tab instead.