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ZstDelta uses zstd dictionary compression to calculate a compressed delta between two inputs.


The zstdelta Rust library provides diff and apply to calculate such compressed deltas and restore content from deltas. You can get delta from diff(a, b), then restore the content of b using apply(a, delta).

In Python, bindings.zstd provides access to the diff and apply functions:

>>> import bindings, hashlib
>>> a = b"".join(hashlib.sha256(str(i).encode()).digest() for i in range(1000))
>>> len(a)
>>> b = a[:10000] + b'x' * 10000 + a[11000:]
>>> diff = bindings.zstd.diff(a, b)
>>> len(diff)
>>> bindings.zstd.apply(a, diff) == b


The zstore Rust library provides an on-disk content store with internal delta-chain management. It uses the above zstdelta library for delta calculation and IndexedLog for on-disk storage. It is used by MetaLog.