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Debugging Sapling SCM


Set the ui.debug setting to true to get debug logging of the Python interface surface:

sl config --user ui.debug true

The tracing-based logging can be configured with the EDENSCM_LOG environment variable. It follows the format of tracing-subscriber.

Some examples include:

  • EDENSCM_LOG=debug to get debug logs for every component.
  • EDENSCM_LOG=warn,configparser=debug to log configparser at debug level, and everything else at the warning level.

Editing Python code

Sapling uses a background service, which can sometimes get in the way of hacking on Python code. You can run with CHGDISABLE=1 to stop this.

Editing Rust code

The Rust components are normally built in release mode, but you can switch to building in debug mode with RUST_DEBUG=1, which will build faster:

eden/scm$ make RUST_DEBUG=1 oss