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Pull / push


The sl pull command is used to download new commits from the server. By default it only pulls remote bookmarks that you are subscribed to. To subscribe to more bookmarks use sl pull -B other_bookmark_name.

sl pull only downloads commits. It does not rebase or merge anything, unless you specify --rebase.

Note, this is different from git pull which generally pulls all branches and automatically tries to merge/rebase your changes with the new branches.

$ sl
@ 9f73762dd 62 minutes ago mary
Commit Two

o 9d550d707 62 minutes ago mary
╭─╯ Commit One

o b5d600552 65 minutes ago remote/main


# Fetch new commits from main
$ sl pull

# The current stack is now behind main
$ sl
o 08a7511cc 33 seconds ago remote/main

@ 9f73762dd 63 minutes ago mary
╷ │ Commit Two
╷ │
o 9d550d707 63 minutes ago mary
╭─╯ Commit One

o b5d600552 66 minutes ago


$ sl pull --rebase
$ sl
@ e75394bbb 9 seconds ago mary
Commit Two

o 4eefdfe1d 9 seconds ago mary
╭─╯ Commit One

o 59125794a 20 seconds ago remote/main



Use the push command to push local commits to remote. Specify the --to to specify the remote branch/bookmark to push commits to. Specify -r to specify local commit you want pushed. If -r is ommitted, the currently checked out commit is pushed.

# Push current commit stack to the remote main bookmark.
$ sl push -r . --to main

During a normal git push or an sl push to a Git repository, the push simply sends the commits to the server and moves the branch or bookmark forward to the newly pushed commit.

When sl push is used with the Sapling server, sl push --to BOOKMARK pushes the commits to the server and the server additionally rebases them onto the destination bookmark. This allows organizations with high push rates to avoid races where someone is unable to push because someone else pushed first. This server side rebase is simplified, in that it does not do any file content merging. If someone else touched the same files you touched, your push will fail and you will need to pull, rebase, and push again.

Notable push options (some of these may not work when working with Git repos):

  • -r / --rev Specifies which commit to push. Ancestors of this commit will also be pushed. Note, only one head can be pushed at a time, so you can't push 2+ branches at once.
  • --to Specifies the remote bookmark to push onto.
  • --non-forward-move Indicates that the push will result in the remote bookmark moving backwards or sideways, instead of moving forward to a descendant. This is used when a bookmark is in the wrong location and needs to be forced elsewhere.
  • --create Used to indicate the bookmark being pushed to is new and should be created.
  • -d / --delete Allows deleting a remote bookmark.