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create a new bookmark or list existing bookmarks

Bookmarks are labels on changesets to help track lines of development. Bookmarks are unversioned and can be moved, renamed and deleted. Deleting or moving a bookmark has no effect on the associated changesets.

Creating or updating to a bookmark causes it to be marked as 'active'. The active bookmark is indicated with a '*'. When a commit is made, the active bookmark will advance to the new commit. A plain sl goto will also advance an active bookmark, if possible. Updating away from a bookmark will cause it to be deactivated.

Bookmarks can be pushed and pulled between repositories (see sl help push and sl help pull). If a shared bookmark has diverged, a new 'divergent bookmark' of the form 'name@path' will be created. Using sl merge will resolve the divergence.

Specifying bookmark as '.' to -m or -d options is equivalent to specifying the active bookmark's name.


  • create an active bookmark for a new line of development:
sl book new-feature
  • create an inactive bookmark as a place marker:
sl book -i reviewed
  • create an inactive bookmark on another changeset:
sl book -r .^ tested
  • rename bookmark turkey to dinner:
sl book -m turkey dinner
  • move the '@' bookmark from another branch:
sl book -f @

In Git repos, bookmarks correspond to branches. Remote Git branches can be listed using the --remote flag.


  • list remote branches:
sl bookmark --remote
  • list remote tags:
sl bookmark --remote tags
  • list all refs:
sl bookmark --remote 'refs/*'
  • list branches from specified path:
sl bookmark --remote --remote-path my-fork


-r--revrevision for bookmark action
-d--deletefalsedelete a given bookmark
-D--striplike --delete, but also strip changesets
-m--renamerename a given bookmark
-i--inactivefalsemark a bookmark inactive
-t--tracktrack this bookmark or remote name
-u--untrackremove tracking for this bookmark
-a--allshow both remote and local bookmarks
--remotefetch remote Git refs
--remote-pathremote path from which to fetch bookmarks
--list-subscriptionsshow only remote bookmarks that are available locally