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update working copy to a given commit

Update your working copy to the given destination commit. More precisely, make the destination commit the current commit and update the contents of all files in your working copy to match their state in the destination commit.

By default, if you attempt to go to a commit while you have pending changes, and the destination commit is not an ancestor or descendant of the current commit, the checkout will abort. However, if the destination commit is an ancestor or descendant of the current commit, the pending changes will be merged with the destination.

Use one of the following flags to modify this behavior:

--check: abort if there are pending changes
--clean: permanently discard any pending changes (use with caution)
--merge: always attempt to merge the pending changes into the destination

If merge conflicts occur during update, Sapling enters an unfinished merge state. If this happens, fix the conflicts manually and then run sl commit to exit the unfinished merge state and save your changes in a new commit. Alternatively, run sl goto --clean to discard your pending changes.

Specify null as the destination commit to get an empty working copy (sometimes known as a bare repository).

Returns 0 on success, 1 if there are unresolved files.


-C--cleanfalsediscard uncommitted changes (no backup)
-c--checkfalserequire clean working copy
-m--mergefalsemerge uncommitted changes
--inactivefalseupdate without activating bookmarks
-B--bookmarkcreate new bookmark
-t--toolspecify merge tool