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hide commits and their descendants

Mark the specified commits as hidden. Hidden commits are not included in the output of most Sapling commands, including sl log and sl smartlog. Any descendants of the specified commits will also be hidden.

Hidden commits are not deleted. They will remain in the repo indefinitely and are still accessible by their hashes. However, sl hide will delete any bookmarks pointing to hidden commits.

Use the sl unhide command to make hidden commits visible again. See sl help unhide for more information.

To view hidden commits, run sl journal.

When you hide the current commit, the most recent visible ancestor is checked out.

To hide obsolete stacks (stacks that have a newer version), run sl hide --cleanup. This command is equivalent to:

sl hide 'obsolete() - ancestors(draft() & not obsolete())'

--cleanup skips obsolete commits with non-obsolete descendants.


-r--revrevisions to hide
-c--cleanupclean up commits with newer versions, and non-essential remote bookmarks
-B--bookmarkhide commits only reachable from a bookmark