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push commits to the specified destination

Push commits from the local repository to the specified destination.

Use -t/--to to specify the remote bookmark. For Git repos, remote bookmarks correspond to Git branches.

To add a named remote destination, see sl path --add.

-r/--rev specifies the commit(s) (including ancestors) to push to the remote repository. Defaults to the current commit.

Add --create to create the remote bookmark if it doesn't already exist.

The -f/--force flag allows non-fast-forward pushes.

If DESTINATION is omitted, the default path will be used. See sl help urls and sl help path for more information.


  • push your current commit to "main" on the default destination:
sl push --to main
  • force push commit 05a8232 to "my-branch" on the "my-fork" destination:
sl push --rev 05a82320d my-fork --to my-branch --force

The --pushvars flag sends key-value metadata to the server. For example, --pushvars ENABLE_SOMETHING=true. Push vars are typically used to override commit hook behavior, or enable extra debugging. Push vars are not supported for Git repos.

Returns 0 on success.


-f--forceforce push
-r--reva commit to push
-t--topush commits to this bookmark
--deletedelete remote bookmark
--createcreate a new remote bookmark