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show commit in detail

Show the commit message and contents for the specified commit. If no commit is specified, shows the current commit.

sl show behaves similarly to sl log -vp -r REV [OPTION]... [FILE]..., or if called without a REV, sl log -vp -r . [OPTION]... Use sl log for more powerful operations than supported by sl show.


--nodatesomit dates from diff headers (but keeps it in commit header)
--noprefixomit a/ and b/ prefixes from filenames
--statoutput diffstat-style summary of changes
-g--gituse git extended diff format
-U--unified3number of lines of diff context to show
-w--ignore-all-spaceignore white space when comparing lines
-b--ignore-space-changeignore changes in the amount of white space
-B--ignore-blank-linesignore changes whose lines are all blank
-Z--ignore-space-at-eolignore changes in whitespace at EOL
-T--templatedisplay with template
-I--includeinclude files matching the given patterns
-X--excludeexclude files matching the given patterns